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SoftEnglish have developed many tools to facilitate both the acquisition of reading ability and learning English. Learning through the SoftEnglish games and books teaches and enriches learners who do not read the language. They are specifically designed for young children who are establishing and enlarging their vocabulary in their native language, as well as for students who are learning a second language. In general, game playing facilitates the process of learning, especially for students with learning difficulties.

SoftEnglish is a relatively new brand of learning materials specially designed for absolute beginners and students of all ages with learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia.

SoftEnglish is a result of more than 30 years of teaching experience in the private schooling market.

The developer of SoftEnglish, Ms Daniella De Winter, created all the materials while managing her own private school, which offers unique solutions to people who never succeeded in learning English due to language-based learning difficulties and concentration deficiencies (ADD, ADHD, high functioning PDD).

Hebrew and Arabic speakers encounter more problems with English than many other European language speakers do due to different alphabetic system, reversed writing/reading direction and different word ordering. Not only is English extremely difficult for Hebrew and Arabic speakers in general, the LD student finds it much more difficult and complicated.

Daniella De Winter has developed a unique, highly effective, down to earth method to facilitate the learning process and to improve its effectiveness. Her attitude and approach are very different form the common approaches and are certainly not considered mainstream. Her experience especially with Hebrew speakers is extremely valuable.

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