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Gamelish is based on the card games that help students with learning disabilities and for youth at risk overcome their difficulties with learning english. Gamelish gives hours of fun, while practising English.

My name is Talila. I'm an English and special education teacher, MA in immigration and social integration, teacher trainer and materials developer for students with learning disabilities and for youth at risk.

So I started gamelish, based on the card games that I had been inventing, making and using to help my students overcome their difficulties.
It started out as an answer to my fears.. for the fun.. the adventure.. not so much for the money or the business…but we grew up to be a successful, happy company.
In the beginning it was meant for teachers…
Today many parents have discovered that playing gamelish gives them hours of fun with their children, while practising English.
The kids love the games because they practice while playing.. no stress, no effort.
They play with friends or with their parents.. speaking, listening, communicating, using cognitive and social skills at the same time.
All the advantages in a small box of cards:

  • teaching difficult topics like reading
  • building sentences and vocabulary
  • “time-out” in a lesson
  • creating a teacher-student bond during the learning process
  • multiple repetition of content
  • attractive visuals
  • visual organization that boosts recall
  • smart use of varied thinking modes


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