• Bang the button

    Bang the button

    Bang the button is the company with english games that  are  all  focused  on  the  oral  skills. It aim  to  gather  learners  in  groups  around  the  table  and  get them  talking  in  English  from  beginning  to the  end.

  • Creativo
  • Gamelish


    Gamelish is based on the card games that help students with learning disabilities and for youth at risk overcome their difficulties with learning english. Gamelish gives hours of fun, while practising English.

  • Global ELT

    Global ELT

    Global ELT is a publishing company that focuses on producing books of Practice Tests and Exam Preparation materials for most of the ELT Exams available



    REGIPIO is a publisher of educational games for foreign language learning. We approach the most difficult aspects of language teaching and learning in an unconventional way, based on the idea of learning through play and involvement.

  • Softenglish


    SoftEnglish have developed many tools to facilitate both the acquisition of reading ability and learning English. Learning through the SoftEnglish games and books teaches and enriches learners who do not read the language. They are specifically designed for young children who are establishing and enlarging their vocabulary in their native language, as well as for students who are learning a second language. In general, game playing facilitates the process of learning, especially for students with learning difficulties.