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To make learning and teaching easier and more comfortable, we are happy to announce that our “CONDITIONAL I” SET – What will happen if…? is now available in three smaller, handy boxes:

-  IMAGINE the FUTURE  - the set of 40 double-sided cards which will help you to master the transformation of situational sentences into the 1st conditional sentences in an easy and pleasant way.

- CHAIN STORIES & SHOWER OF QUESTIONS – a set of two kinds of cards which make it easier to learn how to create a story in English (What will happen if…?) and how to ask questions and give answers in the 1st conditional. 

- THE BLACK PETER – a popular family game with the main rule of pairing the cards; here in the REGIPIO game the pair is the beginning and the ending of a sentence in the 1st conditional.

The cards are perfect for pair work or individual learning at home. Try these 101 cards which will help you learn and practise the structure of the 1st conditional, learn some new vocabulary and appreciate the stress-free studying in a pleasant atmosphere!

The game is produced in English and doesn’t include the Polish translation. 

Age : 11+

Number of players : 2-8


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