The Non-Native teacher

This new, updated edition of a classic work uses the content of the earlier editions as a basis for:

• extending the native/non-native teacher debate in terms of the past and the present
• encouraging readers and users to relate that debate to their own teaching situations
• providing new material and an updated references for further reading and discussion

The book includes extensive new material for use both on training courses and by the individual reader.

Thought-provoking..questioning…and involving.

The debate revisited.

The Non-native Teacher: Péter Medgyes

Hello – I’m Susan Holden, and I’m the publisher of Péter’s book. We are delighted that it will now be easily available for teachers in Poland through Regipio.

Let me tell you a little about the book – and the wider project. It is written by a Hungarian colleague, who has spent much time in the last 20 years thinking about the ways in which so many people often have strong opinions about the relative merits of native and non-native speakers of the language (in this case, English) as teachers of it.

You can see a short video of Péter’s explanation of why he decided to write a new version of the book in 2017 here:

The previous versions were published in 1994 and 1999, and each one reflects the concerns at that time.

The current edition has been designed to provoke reflection and discussion by asking the readers to reflect on the topic in relation to their own experience and context. This is done through margin questions and ‘thinking points’ which are designed to encourage participants on training courses and in teachers’ groups to clarify their own ideas and decide what really makes a good teacher for different contexts.

There are further opportunities to discuss this with colleagues in different countries through the website

We hope you enjoy exploring the book and look forward to your comments.


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