Teaching English Today Contexts and Objectives

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This book is designed for use both on training courses and by the individual reader. The content covers a range of learner age groups from young learners to adults within both mainstream education and language institute contexts. The aim is to encourage teachers to feel confident to develop their personal abilities within a framework of critical thinking about teaching English today. 

• Teaching English today, as a global and ever changing international language. 
• The varied contexts in which teachers and students interact. 
• Realistic objectives for teaching, learning and professional development. 

The authors draw on their own varied, and complementary, backgrounds to provide both a comprehensive overview of teaching English today, as well as practical suggestions, as a global and ever-changing international language the varied contexts in which teachers and students interact. Teaching is a complex activity that demands a range of knowledge and skills, and a great level of awareness to develop the right attitude towards the profession and the students. Trying to come up with ready-made steps about teaching, or suggesting recipes on how to deal with certain obstacles and opportunities without taking account of the context and the rationale behind decisions, limits our practice and prevents us from achieving greater results. A teacher is an educator, an agent of change, who should be constantly challenging paradigms and delving into the whys and wherefores.